Established in 1993, Aisle was one of the very first companies in the world to bring modern reusable period products to the masses. Nearly 3 decades later, our washable pads and period underwear are better than ever.

Aisle products are built for comfort and performance. We know to be truly sustainable, they have to work for you *and* for the planet. That's why our collection of eco-friendly reusables are fashionable, functional, and easy to wear. Because people with periods deserve products that feel good, fit well, and never let us down. 

Lab-tested and verified by third-party data to meet our high performance and environmental standards, we’ve taken care of all the details to bring ease and comfort to your life — so you can live better and bleed better.

A different kind of company.

Beyond offering best-in-class, ethically‑made sustainable products, we’ve always embraced a different approach to the ground rules of business.

That’s why we’ve been a certified B Corporation since 2012. We believe in regenerative, relational ways of working, growing and succeeding.

We are grateful for your partnership in co‑creating a better future.

Best for the world.

Being a B Corp means we have undertaken a rigorous third party assessment that grades a business on every aspect of its social and environmental impact.

This means doing things like weighing our garbage, vetting suppliers rigorously and giving back to our community in any way we can. We’ve been involved in social impact from the very beginning, working to get patriarchy out of our periods. Our B Corp assessment helps us get better and smarter at social impact every time we recertify.

For four year in a row, we were honored for being in the top 10% of all B Corp rankings globally, a distinction they call “Best for The World”. Today, Aisle remains the #1 ranked period care B Corp in the world.