Northlore Lowlands Body Oil | 120ml
Northlore Lowlands Body Oil | 120ml

Northlore Lowlands Body Oil | 120ml

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A multi-purpose blend of herbal infused organic oils to deeply moisturize from the tips of your hair to your toes. Use it every day - everywhere to hydrate every part of your body. 

Scented with a luxurious blend of essential oils containing notes of birch, patchouli, blood orange and smokey pine. 

Horsetail is rich in silica, which boosts collagen production to plump and strengthen skin, nails and hair. 

Red Clover is an antioxidant  and anti-inflammatory herb, helpful for soothing irritable and dry skin.

Organic Jojoba seed oil is similar to skin’s natural sebum, to balance and deeply moisturize without feeling heavy. Organically grown and processed in California on a small family farm. 

We infuse wildcrafted and garden-grown herbs in botanical oils for a full moon cycle to extract their medicinal properties, and according to folklore, perhaps a little moon magic. 


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