Founders Tricia and Rebecca share what motivated them to create their amazing line of luxury skincare and wellness products, all designed in Toronto, Ontario. 

“The origin of the word "holistic" means whole. This is our skincare philosophy - as we choose whole ingredients from nature that encompass the mind, body and spirit. Beauty in today's market should be clean, fun, beautiful and effective. If over 60% of what we put onto our skin is absorbed, then we should choose products that are nourishing rather than harmful. HOLISTICK was created because we innately love skincare and found such a small percentage of beauty products that are truly clean.

​​Natural to us means: from nature. Our ingredients include pure essential oils, absolutes and plant-based/fruit-extracted oils. We never use perfumes, fragrances or harsh, unnecessary ingredients. Nature heals. And what our skin and bodies need to thrive can be found in Mother Nature. HOLISTICK is a collection of our favourite plant-based ingredients, sourced from farms and countries that we love, and always includes a touch of who we are. 

We come from a holistic nutrition and esthetician background and it has really influenced the way we formulate personal care products. Our philosophy is that if we won't use it personally, we won't put it in our products either. Holistick is inspired by our love of island-life, travel, exotic ingredients, and all things natural.”