Peregrine Body Wash | 236mL
Peregrine Body Wash | 236mL
Peregrine Body Wash | 236mL
Peregrine Body Wash | 236mL
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Peregrine Body Wash | 236mL

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Formulated to cleanse and refresh your skin, without robbing skin of its natural moisture. Oat protein and Vitamin B-5 soften and fortify for more comfortable skin.


  • Our body washes are 100% biodegradable, meaning that they do not leave any chemical residues in our water supply
  • Hydrolyzed Oat Proteins will strengthen and deeply nourish skin while imparting a soft, velvet feel. As a natural moisturizer, it leaves no chemical residues on the skin, and will not clog pores.
  • Vitamin B-5 will work to strengthen and repair skin while boosting its ability to heal and reduce blemishes, inflammation and other problem skin
  • The blend of surfactants used in our body washes is mild and 100% synthetic-free, meaning that it will not strip the skin of its natural moisture, and is a great choice for all skin types.
  • Our body washes are scented with essential oils only and do not irritate skin with synthetic scent compounds. The blend is complex and inviting, the perfect start to the day!

8oz/236mL bottle

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