Northlore Glacier Salt Soak | Soothe
Northlore Glacier Salt Soak | Soothe

Northlore Glacier Salt Soak | Soothe

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Sprinkle these sparkling mineral crystals into your bathwater to relieve sore muscles and calm your central nervous system for a night of deep, peaceful sleep. 

Glacier mineral salt crystals are ethically sourced from an ancient glacial sea bed on the Canadian prairies. They’re high in trace minerals essential for your body and absorb into your skin through osmosis. 

Calendula flowers contain anti-inflammatory properties to soothe irritated skin and promote healing, and have a reputation in folk medicine for uplfiting the heart. 

Essential oils of citrus, wintergreen, patchouli and smoked pine combine for a warm and soothing scent. 


The high mineral content of the salts may leave some sediment in your tub. This is normal and can be washed safely down the drain.

Generously scented with an essential oil blend that's often described as "soothing", "nostalgic" and "medicinal".

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