Hair Touch Up- Root Concealer Spray- 2oz
L'Oreal Professionnel

Hair Touch Up- Root Concealer Spray- 2oz

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A water-and-sweat resistant root touch-up spray for between salon appointments. Hides greys.


Hide grown-out roots in seconds with L'oreal Professionnel Hair Touch Up. This easy-to-use spray isn’t quite a trip to the salon, but it’s just about as good, and it takes less than a minute to use. We’ll take that!


L'oreal Professionnel Hair Touch Up is resistant to sweat and water but shampoos out easily. It’s an ideal interim measure when you can’t get to the salon, but also can’t stand looking at your roots. Greys are covered in seconds.


What will I love about L'oreal Professionnel Hair Touch Up?


  • Covers grown-out roots between colour treatments
  • Brown shade 
  • Hides greys
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Washes out with shampoo
  • Easy spray application

How should I use L'oreal Professionnel Hair Touch Up?


First up, shake the can well. Then, spray onto the part line from 10-15cm away from your head. This touch-up spray can also be used to make your hair look fuller when you have it pulled back away from your face. Use on dry hair and keep can upright.


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